Review: Ozeri Instavac Food Storage Containers

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I think I’ve tried every trick in the book to keep my precious bagged lettuce from wilting in my refrigerator.

Wrapping it in damp paper towels. Using vacuum-seal bags. Being crazy-vigilant about the fridge’s temperature and moisture level.

When I received a set of Ozeri Instavac Nesting Food Storage containersI worried I might be in for another failure in my quest to keep my lettuce crisp.

Ozeri Instavac Nesting Food Storage Containers

The premise behind these containers is pretty simple:

  • SAVE FOOD — There are no pumps, motors, or confusing parts. Simply press on the lid and air is forced out through the one-way valve.
  • SAVE SPACE — Each container nests for convenient storage.
  • SAVE TIME — The pieces are BPA-free and microwave-, dishwasher- and freezer-safe.

I wasn’t completely convinced these little plastic things could save my precious $5 greens, so I put them to the harshest test I could think of:

Could they, if left on my kitchen counter, contain the smell of my family’s food scraps for three days?

I started with broccoli stems (which normally would have been eaten but were sacrificed for the sake of this experiment) and added pieces of tomato, banana, kiwi and padding from a package of ground chicken.


By the end of the experiment, the food was moldy and incredibly smelly — but my house wasn’t.


This container held in three days’ worth of funk, so I feel pretty confident it can keep my lettuce from wilting for a few days.

That said, I’m realistic about what the Orezi Instavac containers can do, and I’m not expecting miracles. They probably won’t keep my cauliflower fresh for a month. I’m not looking for my strawberries to stay edible for a three weeks.

I understand that temperature changes can affect the vacuum seal, so I might need to push a bit of air out after a few days. But is that such a big deal? I don’t think so.

Bottom line: If I hadn’t received the Ozeri Instavac containers to review, I’d probably have purchased a set. The price is good, and they perform a lot better than the Chinese food takeout tubs I have stacked in my cabinet.

Review: Ozeri Instavac 8-Piece Nesting Food Storage Set

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