Strawberry-Banana Mini Breakfast Muffins

I told you last week that Baby Bird gave my ego a sucker punch when she refused to eat my PBJ and Oatmeal mini muffins.

Initially, I was disappointed at being shot down. Then I realized that my kid refuses to eat nearly everything I give her these days.

I stopped taking it personally and got back to work.

After a few more missteps, I came up with these:

Strawberry-banana mini muffins

Strawberry-banana mini muffins. These. Are. Delicious.

The stars of this breakfast/snack time delite are diced strawberries, banana baby food puree (from my stash, of course), and … Greek yogurt. I threw that last ingredient in on a whim (because the batter seemed a bit too dry) and I think it made all the difference.

These muffins aren’t packed with protein. (A gram per serving.) They aren’t the healthiest thing I could feed Baby Bird first thing in the morning. (Not sugar-free.)

But will I make more if she keeps eating them? Absolutely.

Many days, I worry that she isn’t getting enough to eat because she won’t consume anything besides peanut butter toast or asparagus. If I can get her to eat a muffin, half an egg, and some fruit, I’ll call it a successful day. (Her doctor assured me that she’s gaining weight wonderfully, and being a finicky eater is normal at her age.)

So without further ado … my strawberry-banana mini muffins recipe. Enjoy!


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Strawberry-Banana Mini Breakfast Muffins


    • Thanks! They really are, especially when you sprinkle them with powdered sugar. They freeze well, too, so you can make a batch and zap a few in the microwave as needed.

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