PBJ and Oatmeal Mini Muffins

Two nights ago, Baby Bird was in dreamland, Mr. T was calling hogs, and I was in the living room Pinteresting and stuffing my face with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Then a chill ran down my spine.

I was eating the last two pieces of bread (we were planning to grocery shop the next afternoon). That meant no PB&J for the kid for breakfast. That meant tears and a tantrum first thing in the morning. That’s a bad way to start the day.

It was only 11 p.m., so there was time to run to the grocery store, but I couldn’t bring myself to put clothes on just to buy a loaf of bread.

What’s a mom to do when she has nothing in the house for her baby to eat for breakfast? (Well, we always have baby food. I told you all about my stash. It just keeps growing.)

Mama makes PBJ and Oatmeal mini muffins.

These nuggets of deliciousness taste just like peanut butter cookies with an extra hint of sweetness from the jam, and they’re perfectly sized for little hands. Paired with apple bits and some milk, they would have made a great breakfast for my little one … but she refused to eat them. (Children have a wonder way of bruising your ego, don’t they?)

That’s my life these days. Baby Bird used to be a wonderful eater, but she’s learned to spit things out (it’s frustrating and adorable), so getting anything down her throat is a fight.

She ended up eating a broccoli and cheese omelet and apple-cherry puree.

So what happened to those muffins? Mr. T and I (mostly I) happily scarfed those down.

You can’t let goodness like that go to waste.

This recipe makes 48 mini muffins, which will allow you to freeze a bunch and microwave one or two for a few seconds when you need them.

BTW: I did eventually get her to eat muffins for breakfast — and multiple ones at that. Come back Wednesday and I’ll share that recipe!


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Peanut Butter, Jelly & Oatmeal Mini Muffins: A Perfect Breakfast for Baby

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