No-bake Skinny ‘Cheesecake’

Have you ever eaten an entire pie in one sitting?

I have.

I know that’s HORRIBLY unhealthy (which is why it only happened once), but the pie was so good I couldn’t help myself. (OK, I could have. I just didn’t want to.)

It was one of my mom’s cherry cream cheese pies. She got the recipe from a can of Eagle Brand Condensed Milk and has been making the delectable dessert for as long as I can remember.

Her pies are rich, sweet and tangy like cheesecake … and 460 calories per slice. Ouch.

Independence Day is around the corner, and my mom’s pies have been on my mind — but I won’t ask her to make me one. I’m trying to eat healthier (I want to set a good example for Baby Bird), and I knew I’d shovel that pie in my mouth like a squirrel hoarding nuts.

So I came up with a “skinny cheesecake.” All the sinful goodness, sweetness, and tang — and only 215 calories!

Once the “cheesecake” was done, I thought about inhaling it. Instead, I sat down and wrote the recipe for you.


No-bake Skinny 'Cheesecake'

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    • It is delicious! And it really takes minutes to make. The longest part of the process it waiting while it’s in the fridge setting. 😊

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