Summer in the City: Keeping Girls Cool While Showing Less

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Mr. T has become more … conservative … since becoming a father.

Seeing some skin wasn’t a problem before Baby Bird was born. Now, we’re always discussing whether shorts are too tight, too much leg is showing, or tops are too revealing.

No, not on me. On Baby Bird.

Example: This was her Easter outfit:


I think it’s adorable. I wanted a dress that said “spring,” didn’t scream “Easter,” and didn’t look like it was made for a baby. I thought this was perfect, and he was WITH ME when I bought it.

I put it on Baby Bird on Easter eve, and I was in love. But his response to it was, “It shows a lot of arm. And I can kinda see her diaper.”

Quizzical emoticon

She wore the dress, but I had to find white shorts to go under it.

Since then, I’ve tried to respect his desire to keep Baby Bird covered. But it’s summer — the season of swimsuits. I will not let my daughter suffer a heat stroke for the sake of keeping her dad quiet.

So I got her a swimsuit. A two-piece. It has a flap that keeps her belly button covered, but I can tell he’s not completely comfy with his kid wearing a bikini.

I know there are other parents out there for whom swimwear modesty matters (it does to me, too, just not as much as for Mr. T). So I’ve compiled for you this list of bikini alternatives.

You’re welcome.

For baby (0 to 12 months)

Baby Girls’ Rash Guard & Bottoms Set ($15.99) and Baby Girls’ Heart Print Rash Guard Set ($13.99)

I think these swimsuits with rash guards are adorable. They’re fun, functional, and have an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50. Yes, they show leg, but if you’re like my hubby and are concerned about arm exposure, they’re a great option.

For toddler (12 months to 3T)

Tankini with Flounce Bottom

Toddler Girls’ Tankini Set with Flounce Bottom ($11.99)

This rash guard with its flouncy trim offers the best of both worlds: coverage and cuteness. The colors are vibrant and fun, and the ruffle skirt is a nice touch.

Baby Boys' Fruit Print Swim Trunks

Baby Boys’ Fruit Print Swim Trunks ($7.99)

Baby Boys' Pineapple Rash Guard
Baby Boys’ Pineapple Rash Guard ($7.99)

Yup, girls can wear swim trunks, too! I know these aren’t marketed for your daughter, but if you really want coverage, you can’t go wrong with these.

Pair them with a rash guard like this or a tankini top, and your girl is good to go.

For big girls (those old enough to have an opinion)

Girls’ Fruit Print Tankini with Skirt ($19.99)

You’ll like the coverage the skirt and tankini top provide. She’ll still feel cool (do the kids say cool anymore?) because of the suit’s bikini bottom.

She’ll feel cool, and you’ll look like a cool parent. It’s a win-win.

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Modest and Fun Swimsuits for Babies, Toddlers, and Big Girls


  1. I love the rash guard and bottoms sets! I’m not wild over the more traditional bikinis marketed for the little ones; my husband even less so.

    • I think the rash guard sets are adorable! They feel so surfer chic. 😊

      We let Baby Bird choose her suit. 😂 She went for the brightest colors, but it happened to be two pieces (it does cover her stomach). The hubby wasn’t happy (he’d put her in a turtleneck if he could). I told him if he lets her wear a two-piece now, he can remind her of this summer when she’s 10 and says, “you never let me wear a bikini!”

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