Crib Concussion Protection via Lowe’s and Joann Fabric

I was supposed to publish my #RockingMotherhood post today.

Then I walked into the nursery on Tuesday and saw this:

Baby Bird standing in her crib

I thought I had more time to prepare for a chewed-up crib and a banged-up baby’s head.


So during Baby Bird’s next nap, I scanned Etsy and the Babies R Us website for rail covers. Most looked like nice products, but none had the padding I wanted (and all would take too long to arrive).

It was time for another trip to Lowe’s. (I swear I’m not getting any compensation from them for these posts. I just really love hanging out at Lowe’s — but if anyone from the company is reading this, know that I’m open for talks about a collabo!)

I had every intention of buying more foam insulation. It would protect the crib and the baby, and it’s inexpensive.

Then I remembered that whatever I used would, inevitably, end up in the kid’s mouth. So insulation was out …

Obi-Wan Kenobi stroking beard gif… but what about pool noodles? (The idea didn’t just come to me. I’d seen the noodles at the store’s entrance.)

They’re waterproof. They’d provide great cushion. They’d fit snugly around the railings.

They cost $2.08 each.

I snatched up two.

I didn’t want Baby Bird eating a chunk of pool noodle, so I stopped by Joann Fabric and bought two yards of pink-and-white cotton for $9.98.

I used hot glue to attach the freshly washed fabric to the sliced-open noodles. Yes, hot glue will melt a pool noodle, but I used very little so there wouldn’t be a problem. (And to those who are concerned: There was never any odor — and thank you for your concern.)

Pool noodle before attaching fabric

I used one of Baby Bird’s toy balls to keep the noodle open while I glued on the fabric.

Attaching fabric to pool noodle using hot glue

I used a baby gate on the floor as my glue-gun stand. Sketchy? Yes. Effective? Yes. (Don’t judge me.)

I used velcro Command strips to attach the finished product to the crib.

Crib with fabric-covered pool noodles over the railings

So, for about $15 and two hours of my time (including the washing, drying, and driving), I got custom crib rail coverings that will guard against tiny teeth marks and, hopefully, concussions.

I don’t wanna pat myself on the back but …

Mariah Huq of

Crib Concussion Protection via Lowes, Joann Fabric