What’s Mom-appropriate Apparel?

Mr. T: What are we looking for?

Me: I wanna do a post on dressing my new body. Staple pieces to address potential problem areas, ways to do it without spending a fortune …

Mr. T: So … what are we looking for?

Me: I just told you. I’m looking for mom-appropriate clothes. But wait … what’s mom-appropriate?

My wardrobe sucks. Most of it is tan, black, or denim.

All of it is now ill-fitting.

So I decided when I wrote my “Sexy” post that I’d make some changes. More color, shirts without holes from overuse, and pants that don’t give me plumber’s crack.

I hit a wall when I reached the mall. I couldn’t figure out what was appropriate to wear. I’m a mom now, so my standard uniform of stained T-shirts and oversized jeans won’t cut it anymore … right? No more low-cut maxi dresses in the summer — gotta keep those boobies covered! After all, I’m not just representing myself — I have to make a good impression for Baby Bird’s sake … right?

I wandered from store to store, obsessing over whether the skinny jeans were too skinny or the fitted T-shirts too fitted. Can I only wear maxi dresses? Is it OK to show knee? I’m a stay-at-home mom, so am I stuck with black leggings or blue jeggings as my only options? Will I ever be able to wear heels again?

I had to mentally slap myself.

Mom-appropriate is whatever (mostly) clean, breastfeeding-friendly clothes I put on. Yes, dressing my body is harder now — fat isn’t where it used to be and I’m curvier than I once was — but I can’t wear khaki and chambray every day. I wouldn’t be any happier with my look then than I am now. (But if that’s your look, rock on!)

I know continuing to wear what I have isn’t the answer, because donning ill-fitting clothes everyday can ding a girl’s self-esteem. I have to revamp my wardrobe — but not right this moment. I don’t have the energy to head back to the mall. (Why can’t I just buy complete outfits right from my Pinterest board!?!)

This doesn’t mean I’m giving up on looking like an adult.

You should expect a fashion show from me — or at least a photo of a new outfit — before the year is over.

Kenya Moore twirling gif

*The Mom Bod T-shirt is available for $19.99 from SuzySquats on Etsy. Thank you, SuzySquats, for allowing me to use your image!*

What's Mom-appropriate Apparel?
What's Mom-appropriate Apparel?


  1. My mom attire is still blue jeans, t-shirts (typically hole-free), and Converse sneakers. I have zero fashion sense! But it’s all comfortable at least.

    • Hole-free would be a step up for me. There’s holes, paint, and infant food on most of my clothes most days. But I’m comfortable! 😂

  2. I fully expect your fashion show to have low cut dresses and knees on show!! You wear what you want! Let it all out if you want! I take a very liberal view to many things, including clothing. For me, wearing what you want is setting an excellent example to children. Get those boobies out – it does not define you, make sure you show Baby Bird that 🙂 I’v given in to trying to dress like I’m a ‘mom’, so I wear what I like. And if that happens to be a cute floral vest top that maaay expose my boobies when I bend, well that’s up to me, just like it’s up to you to look…or not. Matched with a pair or skinny jeans that show my new ‘mom’ curves, just got to embrace it. I want to create as much of a positive body image as I can for my little lady. Get yo’self to those tight jeans, I bet you will rock them!

    • Ha! Thanks for the confidence boost 🙂 I was going to wait to see whether I dropped any more weight before I went back to the mall, but I think I’ll be brave, really embrace my curves, and just buy some new pants! You’re absolutely right — and I keep telling myself this — that I need to be more positive about my body, if not for my own sake then for my daughter’s. I’m gonna get it together, sooner rather than later.

      • I struggled (still do on occassion) with my new body, I won’t go in to details but I’ll just say I went from no boobs to porn star boobs! And what goes up must deflate! My hips, belly and butt are all a little bigger, but I tell myself so what?! Forced against my pride I bought bigger size clothing, it’s not so bad after all! I’m loving the extra junk in my trunk, wouldn’t mind slightly perkier boobs but hey, they are what they are 😂 I’m over it 😊 Get some skinny jeans and show off ya booty 🍑

        • After breastfeeding for nine months, I know perky boobs are a thing of the past 😂 I might go with fitted jeans instead of skinny. Gotta be able to bend down low and dance with the kiddo.

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