A Note of Gratitude on My 1st Mother’s Day

This post wasn’t supposed to be to you, Baby Bird.

I’d planned to write about our first Mother’s Day together — just a little something about my gift and how we enjoyed this special day. I planned to try to be funny and earnest, because that’s where I’m comfortable.

But you deserve more than that. You deserve recognition and appreciation. After all, it’s only because of you that I can say Mother’s Day is a day for me, too.

Words really aren’t sufficient to tell you how you’ve changed me, but they’re all I have. So, here goes (I promise I’ll keep it short):

Before you, I thought I was happy. I had friends, love, and security. I had a job I enjoyed, the freedom to sleep in. It was a quiet, uncomplicated life.

You’ve turned my world upside down, and I can never thank you enough for that.

Because of you, I want to be selfless. I want to change the world for you.

Because of you, I want to be my best self. I want to love with everything in me.

Because of you, I want to be fearless. I want to chase my dreams, just as I’ll encourage you to.

You’ve made my life exhausting, loud, unpredictable, and messy. Thank you for that.

Thank you for choosing me as your mama.

Thank you for waiting for me.

Thank you for the gift of your love. It’s the best and only Mother’s Day gift I’ll ever need.


Mother's Day Letter of Gratitude

Mother's Day Letter of Gratitude


  1. This is such a beautiful letter! The love for your daughter shines off from the page. I understand that you felt secure in your life before her, as I am childless myself (by circumstance). I am so glad though that you feel even happier now that you have Baby Bird.

    • Thank you so much! She means the world to me. Now that I have her, I can’t imagine being happy with life as it was.
      Thank you so much for visiting the site! 😊

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