Mommyhood Musings: Poems from the Trenches


My daughter threw up in my mouth today.

Bad way to start the day, I’d say.

I held her aloft as a way to play,

But she couldn’t keep the puke at bay.

I saw the chunks coming my way,

Just not soon enough to avoid the spray.

My baby threw up in my mouth today,

What a gross, gross way to start the day.


I got poop on my hand!

So smelly, so green

Poop on my hand!

Will I ever feel clean

Poop on my hand!

Need to quickly recover

Poop on my hand!

That’s the life of a mother


It’s 6 in the morn.

You’re up an hour early.

Please go back to sleep.

It’s 5 in the morn.

Why are you awake again?

This cannot go on.

It’s 4 in the morn.

Why even bother sleeping?


    • It was such a wonderful mommy-baby playtime moment up until then. You’d think I’d be freaked out, but I honestly stopped and thought, “Well, this is new.” Perk of motherhood, I guess!

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