Dear Husband: Thinking of Mr. T and His Dad

Dear Greg,

Today marks a year since your dad passed away, and though you don’t really talk about him, I know you think of him every day, probably many times each day.

I know you wish you could talk to him about being a father, ask for his advice, laugh with him about Baby Bird and how quickly she’s growing. 

I know that, at times, the grief has been overwhelming. I wish I could take it from you, or even ease it a little, but I haven’t figured out how. I’m open to suggestions.

I think your dad would be proud of what a wonderful father you are. You dote on Baby Bird, just as your mom says your dad doted on you. I’m ashamed that I kept you from bonding with her early on, but you’ve more than made up for the lost time.

Her face lights up when Dada comes home, and you stand a little taller — maybe even a little prouder — when you see that. You make her light up in a way that I don’t think I can.

I’d be jealous if it wasn’t such a beautiful thing.

Your dad knew he helped raise a good man, and I believe he sees that you’re a good father. I think, maybe, he’s with you in spirit, helping you along on this scary, crazy, amazing parenting journey.

No matter what we go through, you are loved, Greg, and you are not alone in your grief. You are loved, and I’m sure your dad knew that he was, too.